48 million people in the US have hearing loss

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Media coverage of the hearing loop we installed at the Maryland Theatre.

Dr. Karen Hamilton, of Audiology Services,  has been helping those with hearing loss in the tri-state area for over 20 years.  Within the last few years digital hearing aid technology has drastically improved.  Research shows current digital hearing aids plus the use of a hearing loop significantly improve the clarity of sound and speech. 

Currently hearing aid users encounter challenging  listening situations in various environments.   Churches with high ceilings, noisy meeting rooms, sports arenas,  ballgames, movie theaters, auditoriums, and classrooms are just to name a few.  Amplified sound from a speaker is often too loud and unclear. The sound  also bounces off hard walls and surfaces causing unwanted echos. Another issue is that hearing aid microphones have limitations of 8-10ft .  These factors make it virtually impossible for hearing aid users to hear sound clearly in challenging situations.

Hearing aid users can now be helped. Installing a hearing induction loop and using the hearing aid users T-Coil drastically improves speech understanding and clarity without echos or noise interference.  The sound from a microphone or TV goes directly to the hearing aid, via the  hearing aid T-coil, providing crystal clear sound.

Hearing aid T-coils need to be activated by your hearing aid dealer or audiologist 

80% of current hearing aids have T-coils

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A Hearing Loop    +    Hearing Aid T-Coils    =    Crystal Clear Sound

Welcome to Hagerstown Hearing, LLC the area's premier certified hearing loop installer.  We are dedicated to those with hearing loss in our community and strive to improve the sound clarity in public and private venues for hearing aids users.  Hearing loss is invisible and often overlooked. Hearing aid users struggle to hear in certain listening situations.  Audiologist, Dr. Karen Hamilton and Fred Wolford founded Hagerstown Hearing, LLC to improve public awareness and accessibility for those who live with hearing loss.

To use a hearing loop the hearing aid user needs to turn their hearing aid to the "T" or "MT" program

Herald mail newspaper coverage of the hearing loop installed at The Maryland Theatre